We are happy to announce the Cosplay Competition at Canada Esports League (CEL) 2017, featuring a $300 cash prize. All dedicated cosplayers are invited to craft their best eSports related costumes and make the journey to Westin Prince Toronto Hotel on November 19th for the Final Game of the CEL 2017. all cosplayers who registered to participate will be admitted for FREE.

  1. General :
    • Social Media Ticket Giveaway & Onsite Contest.
      1. Social Media Ticket Giveaway:
        • 2 winners will be chosen from your followers based on the following requirement on section 5. The winner will win 2 tickets to bring a guest with them to the Viewing party/ Cosplay event.
      2. Onsite:
        • Only one winner will be chosen from the registered cosplayer following their appearance on the stage during the CEL event, the winner will get the cash reward of $300.

  2. Minimum Requirement For Cosplay:
    • Be 18 years or older (as of Nov.19, 2017)
    • All costumes are accepted. You have to submit reference images for judging.
    • Can be entered with costumes you’ve already made, no need to rush something new, as long as at least 75% of the costume has been made by you.
    • Will have a pre-judging slot for all contestants, so your craftsmanship will be inspected up close. Don’t worry, the judges are nice!
    • Entries close on the for onsite contest.
    • No nudity or graphic content.

  3. Competition Location:
  4. The Competition will occur at Westin Prince Toronto Hotel Conference area in Toronto on Nov.19th, 2017 at CEL event.

  5. Costume Requirement:
  6. Costumes and accompanying props may not include:
    • edged weapons;
    • projectile weapons;
    • props made of metal;
    • bows or crossbows with strings.
    • No open flame, liquid, powder or “flash” paper is allowed on stage.
    • No laser pointers are allowed.
    • No liquids, gels, or any slippery or messy substance allowed on stage.
    • Costumes must be maneuverable enough to enter and exit the main stage.
    *Cosplay Legend reserves the right to remove props that it deems unsafe or inappropriate.

  7. Social Media Contest:
    • Provide 1 costume photograph
    • We’ll post it on our Instagram: canadaesportsleague, facebook and website.
    • Ask your followers to follow canadaesportsleague and like the post with your photo
    • Create 1 Instagram post With to the event’s hashtag and event posters and the costume you entering the contest.
      • Hashtag included #CEL2017, #CELCosplayLeague, #CELCosplay ,#CanadaESportsLeague
    • We will provide 4 CEL Event tickets for you to giveaway based on
      • Following canadaesportsleague on Instagram
      • Following you on Instagram
      • Like both the post on your and canadaesportleague Instagram
      • Tag 3 person, you would to share this amazing event

  8. Judging:
  9. Judges will evaluate the contestant’s costumes and performances based on the following criteria. All decisions by the judges are final.
    • Quality of craftsmanship for each costume element.
    • Creativity, materials used, stitching, fit, attention to details, overall complexity level, and functionality of the costume.
    • Hand-crafted costume elements vs. store purchased costume elements.
    • Likeness to actual characters as depicted in the registered reference materials.
    • Maneuverability and on-stage presentation while in costume.