Involve, Engage and Have Tons of Fun With The Toronto League of Legends Gamers
August 31, 2017
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Riot games launched e-sport game “league of legends” in October 2009 and hastily enticed
attention from fierce competitive gaming group. This game has evolved from a small
desktop screen and turned out in to full scale phenomena. The first reason this game is
totally free of cost and can be effortlessly download by anyone from internet with no special
software or hardware needed and also the gamers need no any superlative skills to their
online avatars called as Champion. In a simple way you can easily play league of legends for
years and years without spending a nickel. The initial two periods of e-sport competitive
game contain a series of tournament usually held by a third party such as Intel extreme
masters organised event in Europe while in North America- major gaming league and a
world championship tournament was capped by Riot games. According to the Riot game 32
million people globally saw a South Korean team winning the Summoner’s cup as well as
with a huge amount of $1 million dollar in the staples centre in Los Angeles demonstrate a
huge crowd than the last game of N.B.A in 2013.
eSports Business opportunities
“League of legends” recognized a main thrust of the esports business start organizing
tournament where large number of active players participate to compete with other team
under a big screen in arena packed with fans. Along with more than 100 million of players
globally, tournament regularly offer out stadium venue for league of legend such as staple
centre and Madison square garden, league consider a main hub for professional gaming.
Groups set the esport standard.
Canada E – Sports League
Now we are pleased to announce the big non professional league of legend tournament in
Canada, Toronto organized by a team of passionate esports gamers and event crew with a
bumper cash prize of CA$10,000. We need to make incredible excitement for our fans and
in addition a constant ecosystem that will last for long term. Along with the fun
environment it is also a fierce competition and reward the winner as big as possible.

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