The Greatest E-Sports Non – Professional Tournament for All Toronto Gamers and League of Legends lovers

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August 31, 2017
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August 31, 2017
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Nowadays when gaming has gone digital, many games can be played online for free and it’s this accessibility which has predominantly fueled the popularity of online gaming. There are different kinds of games that spark people interest. Studies found online gaming is not only interesting, engaging and fun. It tasks the brain because it usually requires intelligence and fast thinking to develop a person’s skill in better navigate the challenges of reality. For those who love speed and intensity, the online game League of Legends is a great invention as it allows gamers to engage when playing online games.

In most cases, E-sports takes the form of competition that is organized between players which require fast fingers and brain to excel. Just like the physical traditional sport, E-sports has a team, fans, organized matches as well as cup final. E-sports has gone beyond expectation as a lot of people and countries have keyed into the idea of the game and it has made a lot of professionals richer.

E-sports has gained wide popularity globally and the online game League of Legends has become one of the most involving and competitive game in the Greater Toronto area. Several competitions have been organized in the spirit of E-sports which has thrilled and gained the attention of E-sport gamers in Toronto.

Canada E-Sports League CEL 2017

Gamers in Toronto can now look forward to something big and interesting as The Canada E-Sports League will turn out to be the most interesting tournament for nonprofessional E-sports gamers in Toronto. The idea behind it comes from a group of passionate gamers and event organizers realizing the opportunity in scaling up non-professional E-sports tournaments to cater all E-Sports lovers and gamers Canada. This event offers a huge opportunity for nonprofessional E-sports gamers to compete and emerge as champions with a winning cash prize of CA$10,000

Team Registration

To participate, all E-sport fans in Toronto need to register your team on the event website – For team recruitment, all is required is to fill out the registration form with the team members information. Each team must provide a list of a minimum of five players including the leader with a maximum team of six players. The event is not only for team gamers, join our Final Tournament and Expo on Nov 19 at the Westin Prince Hotel, Toronto, for the chance to meet with the cosplayers, vendors, team and more.

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